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Edward Nygma
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Name: Edward Nigma/Nygma (Nashton), The Riddler.

Age: Approximately thirty/late twenties.

Occupation: Professional criminal.

Type: Predominantly a villain, but occasionally a PI with a chess board of morals.

Race: Human.

Abilities/Skills: Incredibly intelligent, specializing in manipulation and word games.

Item (barge): Question mark cane.

Inmate/Warden (barge): Warden.

Weaknesses: As a human, he's rather vulnerable to quite a few things.


Brief description: With an obsessive compulsive disorder and an ego the size of Manhattan, Edward Nygma is as eccentric as they come. His modus operandi (read: Riddles) has melded in with his personality to the point of self-victimization. No matter how hard he tries, Edward is unable to leave a crime scene without first placing a riddle. He needs to challenge his opponents with an intellectual clue even if it means the hero escapes and beats him; he can’t just kill them off like a regular street thug. That would leave his desire to prove his intelligence unfulfilled.


Player Instant Messenger Type and Handle: AIM: ask me.

Player Email: ask me.

Associated accounts: puzzleprincess and icalljoygasm



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